Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sl8n8 (2006)

I was reading an American review of Sl8n8 and the writer was confused over the title. The US version is titled Slaughter Night, but as the review wrote, wouldn't Sl8n8 be pronounced "Sleight Neight"? Well, if you say it the Belgian way it's Slachtnacht and that makes it more correct. So, now when I've gotten this out of my head and I can tell you a little bit about the story.

Victoria Koblenko is Kristel Lodema, a young woman who's dad is killed in a car crash. He's a historian and writer and was just finishing up his work regarding Andries Martiens, a sadistic child killer and Devil worshipper who died down in a famous mine - and that mine is now a museum and tourist attraction. Kristel is going to the mine to get her fathers stuff, and of course he bring along some friends. They are invited down the mine, but are trapped there when the elevator breaks down.

Then they get really, really smart. Trapped in a alleged haunted mine, they decides to drop acid and... uses a Ouija board to try to reach some spirits! Smart move, kids! Of course the spirit of Andries Martiens shows up and possesses one of the guest... and starts a bloody rampage down there to try to finally finish his satanic rituals, and also find the gold that his parents left for him...

I was afraid that this would be a normal slasher. Not that I have anything against normal slashers, but I've seen them all and need something else. Here we have the basic body jumper-concept. When Martiens new body dies in some bloody way, he just jumps to another body and transforms them to something that looks like a human demon with pointy teeth and white eyes. The setting in a mine is of course nice, and and it's dark and dirty and lots of sharp things to use to hurt other people with. The gore is actually kinda nice. For the first 45-50 minutes we're only allowed to see the aftermath, which is gory enough - and well made - but still, it's always fun to see the killings too. But don't worry, after that there's some bloody bites (zombie-style), a fun decapitation with a shovel, impalings, an exploding head and more. It's graphic and intensive.

So the movie looks good, it's has decent actors and good gore. But it's still a little bit to much "we've seen it all before", which is a pity. It's like the makers didn't want the movie to be to unique, maybe afraid of loosing slasher- and horror fans out there. 

Slachtnacht is not a bad movie by any means, but it just could be much more fun and original. But if you enjoy this kinda horror, you can buy this movie without any regrets.


Stephan said...

Nice review, but I'd like to point out that this isn't a Belgian film. It's a film from Holland, and it was quite a deal when it got released in theaters here!

Great site, BTW! :)

Ninja Dixon said...

Stephan: But it's set in Belgium? :) Thanks for your comment! I still like the movie and it's great that it was a hit in it's homeland.

But why haven't there been any other movies from the directors? I would like to see more!

I'm glad you like the blog, welcome back!