Saturday, February 27, 2010

Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell (1988)

And now the third part in the Deathstalker-saga, Deathstalker and the Warriors from Hell! This time shot in Mexico and with John Allen Nelson as our hero. He's no Rick Hill, but he makes the character his own and injects a Robin Hood-esque feeling to the otherwise quite cynical Deathstalker. The story is as usual nothing to remember. The baddie, Troxartas, played by Thom Christopher in a very fun and charming matinée-mode, wants a magic stone. Well, he wants three magic stones. Somehow Deathstalker has one of these, and I just don't remember where the other two are - but the show up finally. Troxartas is also going to marry a princess, and she's good of course just to be able to get the second stone (aha, now I remember!). When he has all three stones he will be able to rule the world or something... like that... Anyway, Troxartas also has a (very small) army of living dead-warriors! But their kinda nice actually, but that's another story. They are of course The Warriors from Hell!

Yeah, I know. It's hard to retell the story. Deathstalker III is just a charming, never boring, adventure-movie with all the clichés you need from this genre. The only thing missing is dwarfs and dragons... not actually, there's a dwarf, but I guess the dragon was to expensive. John Allen Nelson is not bad as Deathstalker, but is very different from Rick Hill in every way. He's more charming and more of a gentleman, but never says no to an adventure of course. The budget is also a bit higher then part 4, and here they actually have quite a big castle! It looks plastic though, so I was thinking if they might have used parts of some kind of theme-park as a location? Or they probably built it very quickly with cheap Mexican labor!

The only disappointing thing with this movie is the Warriors from Hell. Because they're not much of warriors, and Deathstalker just need to chat with them for a couple of minutes and they're best friends for life. The scene where they break out of their papier-mâché-tombs looks kinda cool in a cheap way, and it's just to charming to dislike. I liked part 3, though I guess it's weak compared to Jim Wynorski part 2. You'll see, sooner or later, here Ninja Dixon.

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