Friday, August 21, 2009

Panna Rittikrai: The art of kicking thai-ass!

I love Panna Rittikrai, even the crappy movies he made - and that's a lot. He started young, gathered his friends and started to make his own movies in the late seventies. The stunts and fighting got crazier and crazier and everything evolved into the modern day action cinema of Thailand. 

Here's the end fight from Gerd Ma Lui, one of his most popular from his early years:

Here's the brutal endfight in Gerd Ma Lui 3:

Here's a trailer for Battle Warrior (it has another titles, but I just can't remember it now) where they try to fool you that Tony Jaa has a big part. He hasn't, but there's a lot of great jungle-action. It's out on an okey US-dvd by the way.

Gerd Ma Lui (the original one, he used the same title for his "remake", Born to fight), Battle Warrior and something called Thai Police Story is out on dvd and is easy to get. Thai Police Story has crappy quality, but is the most actionpacked of the three of them. And the one with least budget to.

Hard Gun is another movie out from BCI. It's quite okey, but has very little action and is more focus on drama and comedy. And of course, Tony Jaa just has a small part in it - so don't be fooled by the cover. Spirited Warrior (or is it Spirited Killer?) is out on dvd to, but it's a very boring and cheap movie.

I have a bunch of his old movies on vcd and dvd and they're a must for fans of thai-action!


Jack J said...

I have about zilch knowledge about Thai cinema apart from what I learnt from that special Thai edition of "Asian Trash Cinema" that came out a couple of years back.

BODY JUMPER was pretty good, and so was KILLER TATOO and NOTHING TO LOSE (which I've only been able to find on an unsubbed dvd). THE UNBORN was moderately okay, and I've still got ORDER TO KILL, SOUL, and FEAR FAITH REVENGE in the pile-to-watch, + a couple more I don't remember. Too many films, LOL.

Ninja Dixon said...

There's a lot of fantastic film from Thailand! Talking about new thai cinema, have you seen Dynamite Warrior with Dan Chupong (same guy as in Born to Fight)?

Jack J said...


Jack J said...

Hey check this Thai flick out over on Paul's blog:

It looks great, have you seen it?

Ninja Dixon said...

Yeah, I read that and it sounds great. Cool concept and I'm gonna buy it sooner or later :)