Thursday, August 20, 2009

DTV-festival: Against the Dark/Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus

I decided to throw out all what quality control is and watched two direct to dvd-classics ;) That reminds me of one thing that Tarantino said, which is true: DTV is the new grindhouse. And yes, I agree. It's cheap movies, made for little money to bring in a lot of cash.

First out is Against the Dark, starring and produced by a fat and chunky Steven Seagal in a black leather coat. Probably shot in Romania in some left over-sets and with a cast of unknowns, and Seagal thrown in here and there, it was actually quite ok. Not good, but it delivered some gore, blood, Seagal in zombie-mode (which means his acting, and not that he becomes a zombie or something) and a script so stupid that it made the next movie look smart. Is it me, or did they hardly show Seagals face? I think he's getting sensetive about him getting older... and fatter. There's some random stock footage take from some other movie to, and I can swear that when the hospital explodes in the end you can see parts from an airplane in the explosion.

Which brings us to Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus! The Asylum has made some totally unwatchable movies (Alien vs Hunter), some mediocre (10 million years BC) some good (I am Omega and Monster) and now this, which is their strongest movie so far I've seen. The effects are cheap and goes from lousy to quite okey. There's two really fun scenes where the shark do:

1. Jumps a couple of kilometers and eats an airplane in the sky!
2: Chews the Golden Gate Bridge into tiny pieces!

But what makes it's good is good characters and a script that never really stops from being entertaining. Even the scenes that are there to make the movie longer is often quite funny. But believe me, it's no masterpiece. 

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Jocke Andersson said...

LOL, I wonder what I could watch to top that?! :)