Saturday, August 29, 2009

28 Weeks Later (2007)

I know, 28 Weeks Later is almost a to new movie to be on this blog, but I just sat down and watched it again and it really hits me how powerful this movie is. Since the Dawn of the Dead-remake in 2004 there's been tons of movies with either infected or undead people running around biting everything. I love a lot of these movies (even Steve Miners silly, but gory Day of the Dead) but no one has hit me in the stomach like this fucker.

First of all, it's way better than the first movie. I liked that one to, but it felt to fragmented and even a bit to pretentious for it's own good. Not a bad movie, but over-hyped. Here we have a story with strong emotions, some very interesting questions about morality and humanity. What would you do if you're loved one was in a room filled with infected people and everything seemed hopeless? I understand Robert Carlyles characters, but nothing is black and white here.

The second thing that I think surprised people where how they show the US soldiers. I remember when the news broke about the sequel and the story was about US soldiers cleaning up UK and saving everybodys ass. Some people, usually those who can't stand sequels, where quick to dismiss it because of that. Now there's nothing of that. The US soldiers are there, doing their job, but it's also the incompetence of their officers that makes the shit hit the fan once again. But of course even this stuff have more grey than black and white.

To be honest, I'm a sensitive guy. I'm like my mother, getting tears in my eyes when ever something is touching my soul. This movie has a lot of these scenes, but thank Mothrzokk, the gore, blod, action, explosions are also there to hide that I'm a cry-baby.

Do I dare to say it? Yes, it's a masterpiece. Now I said it. It's a perfect horror movie, both psychological and splatterlogical. I recommend it in triple-feature together with Children of Men and V for Vendetta.


Patrick B said...

I never liked 28 days later, I think it's a boring movie and don't really know why many people consider it a good movie. I liked 28 weeks later so much better! Children of Men and V for Vendetta are also amazing movies.

Ninja Dixon said...

I think 28 Days Later falls apart when they come to the mansion.