Sunday, October 31, 2010

Henenlotter Horror Halloween

Here's some photos, all except the last one taken by me with the iPhone. The last one, which is of course the best one, is taken by Jason from the great blog Cinezilla.

It was SubDVD and Njuta Films who arranged this evening, with screenings of Brain Damage and Bad Biology. Both great. Bad Biology shows that Henenlotter hasn't lost any of his touch when it comes to give us weird, tasteless, wonderful, romantic, monster-filled New York-dramas. With a penis-monster.

Nicolas "Njuta Films" Debot, Frank Henenlotter and Nick Deeg (he's the cinematographer and co-producer of Bad Biology).

Rickard "Klubb Super 8" Gramfors

Nicolas Debot, Phille Fury, Ronny Svensson and Jason Meredith

Mr H signing stuff for the fans

SEO "Studio S" Olsson and Joachim "Rubbermonsterfetischim" Andersson

Jason Meredith from Cinezilla!

Joachim from Rubbermonsterfetischism again. Looking happy.

Mr H and yours truly...


Patrick B said...

Bad Biology was a drag. Didn't like it at all. But Brain Damage is amazing. How was it Fred? Did you get anything signed, or did you talk to Henenlotter?

I actually have a signed copy of Frankenhooker.

Don't Get Nasty Brother said...

Dude, that's Frank Henenlotter! How come they didn't show Frankenhooker?

Ninja Dixon said...

I loved Bad Biology, the highlight of the day Patrick :) Excellent, excellent movie! I talked a bit with Henenlotter and he also signed the Bad Biology blu-ray and my Basket Case dvd. (and Brain Damage for a Facebook-friend).

Haven't seen Frankenhooker, but now must see it!

Juan: I guess it had to do which prints was available to screen. They had a quite rough (but still ok) print of Brain Damage and Bad Biology was screened from a blu-ray, because it was just released.

Great evening! :)

Jack J said...

So happy for you it all went well. I wish I could have been there. I really like Bad Biology too. Henenlotter is back in fine style with that film!

PS: you need to add names to the other people on the pix as not everybody would know who they are.

Patrick B said...

Hm, I guess I have to give it another shot. Glad you had a good time :)

I'll post a picture of my signed Frankenhooker on my blog, so you can have a look.

David A. Zuzelo said...

Looks like a great night. You need to see Frankenhooker? It is on sale at HK Flix today for 5 dollars, and it is the special edition DVD from Unearthed!
That is my second favorite behind the original Basket Case.
I haven't seen Bad Biology just yet, I need to fix that!

Great to put some faces to all those names, some luminaries of Swedish Sinning!