Friday, October 29, 2010

Full Eclipse (1993)

Anthony Hickox’s Full Eclipse could have been the movie that transformed him from a creator of horror movies to a director of DTV action flicks. But this TV-movie is one of a kinda, a unique and cool spin on the werewolf-myth and look like a fullblown made for cinema production.

Mario Van Peebles is Max Dire, a close to burned out cop that after a violent hostage-drama looses his partner and friend Sheldon – but not for long, because within days Sheldon is back on the force, healthier and stronger than ever. He seems to almost have super powers, but the happiness does not last long before he kills himself. Max is ordered to visit the psychologist Dr Garou (Bruce Payne by the way) and his groupe of other problem-cops. But there’s just one problem everyone is werewolves and is spending the nights with taking care of the criminals that the law can’t take care of…

Full Eclipse is a very solid action-horror hybrid, which knows it has a great concept and never waste it on stuff that we don’t want to see. All the action scenes is excellent, very violent and with tons of squibs and John Woo-esque slow-motion sequences. This is brutal, and for a TV-movie it’s a lot more than some of the cinema movies from the same time. It’s more of an action movie than a horror movie, but that’s okey. I love the shots where Sheldon jumps like a god damn monkey over cars and busses on a sunlit street, shooting bad guys and making cars crash. Poetry!

This movie also reminds that Mario Van Peebles could have been something big. He has weight as an actor and handles action good at the same time. What happen? I have no idea, but it would be nice to see him back on the big screens again. Bruce Payne is Bruce Payne, and I love him. He overacts like no one else and fits the part perfectly. Patsy Kensit is the girlfriend of Payne, and even if she’s a bit pale as an actress, she’s saved by the charismas around her. Jason Beghe is one of the cops in Garou’s group, and he’s absurdly forgotten nowadays. For horror fans he’s mostly known for the star in George A. Romero’s underrated Monkey Shines. Fantastic actor and he give a lot of credibility to the small part he has.

For most of the time, Full Eclipse is a solid movie. There’s a few details here and there that breakes the illusion. The primitive transformation scene for example. To fast, to simple. Another detail that always gives me a laugh is the love scene between Van Peebles and Kensit, which becomes humorous because Van Peebles as a big tear in his pants, exactly on the ass. Like a scene from The Naked Gun.

Full Eclipse is a violent and cool werewolf-movie, probably one of my favorites in the genre. Now I will for more movies of the same kind… Auuuuuuuuuuu!

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MilesAhead said...

Usually MVP in the cast signifies a sub B flick. But I've watched this movie a few times. Very entertaining. It has a bit of a "message" if you think of the cop's addiction as simple power lust. Better than most films of its type.