Saturday, October 2, 2010

8213: Gacy House (2010)

When Paranormal Activity came The Asylum released Paranormal Entity, which was a very decent rip-off and in some parts even better than the movie it tried to copy (read my review here). Now, closer to the release of Paranormal Activity 2 they are back again, but now with something of their own: 8213: Gacy House!

In 2006 the police found six bodies in the house built where John Wayne Gacy’s old house stood once – or so this movie claims. What they found was hours and hours of recording belonging to the TV-crew being there to shoot some silly Ghost Hunters-style reality show. Actually, I think the show in this movie is called Ghost Hunters… but ya know what I mean. So here we see the footage telling the story of these individuals and their last hours alive…

I’m a sucker for mockumentaries, I’ll admit that with out problems. 8213: Gacy House is, exactly like Paranormal Entity, very uneven with too much time spending on people setting up cameras and a lot of intercuts on blurry infrared-footage. So the first hour or so is kinda slow with just minor paranormal activities like photo frames falling down from falls and some mysterious shadows. But then it change quickly and gets quite intensive and has a couple of very good scares, or at least cool scenes with the ghost of John Wayne Gacy going crazy with his new guests.

It has a couple or outrageous scenes, like when the token medium offers Gacy her young son’s t-shirt or when one of the male characters obviously is getting ready for a real nasty ghost-rape! The actors do good, even if it can be a bit unfocused when everyone is talking at the same time. But the ghost of Gacy is the best. We don’t see much, but it’s a cool idea and the final frames are actually quite eerie.

If you enjoyed Paranormal Entity, like me, I’m sure you will enjoy 8213: Gacy House too.


Anonymous said...

I must be honest to say that i think Paranormal activity and Blair witch project are the two most overhyped and weak horrors of all time. Not a single moment of those scared me at all. Skrotnisse is more terrifying.

Ninja Dixon said...

Oh, I agree with you. None of them are scary (but I've never seen a scary horror movie either), but I like mockumentaries :)

inmate 977 said...

i'm with you, man, i enjoyed paranormal entity and this one as well. both did what i wanted them to do: scared the bejesus out of me. asylum horror, though, has always been plenty scary for me.

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forestofthedead said...

Great movie. Worth viewing.

Anonymous said...

Great movie but is this stuff real cuz paranormal activity had me a little shook til I found out it was fake is this fake also?