Thursday, November 26, 2009

Chaibancha in Bangkok

Some memories from my meeting with Thailands leading Chaibancha-expert. I don't know his name, but there's a photo of a newspaper-clipping to where his name probably is. So If someone reads thai, I would be very happy to know what's the name of this gentleman is.


Anonymous said...

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Mark Hodgson said...


That last comment was ridculous. Do you vet your comments?

Is Chaibancha a Thai actor or a movie genre. I've not heard the name before.

Ninja Dixon said...

Mark, Chaibancha was the probably the biggest movie star in Thailand until his tragic death. He made movies in every genre :)

I kept that comment because it was part of a police-investigation. This person was stalking me and my partner, sending threatning emails and so on for almost a year. But not anyway, he disappeared.

ThaiWorld said...

It seems to be a great stall to go. So many old Thai movies on sale! Could you send me a higher resolution of the Thai newspaper so that i can read it and translate it for you? I would be interested to go there also. Please send to: mail (at) thaiworldview (dot) com . Thank you.