Saturday, July 24, 2010

Three DVD's from DDDhouse

Profile in Danger, Phantom Killer and He Lives by Night - cheap as usual and released by good old Fortune Star. Gonna be fun to see them.


xanthor fek said...

I like DDDHouse-- have ordered lots from them (and Sensasian) over the years. Don't know anything about these 3 films.

Movie Bullstuff said...

I like He Lives By Night a lot (I have the Mega Star DVD). It's sort of an Argento-esque slasher with goofball touches (including a chubby Kiss fan running around).

Anonymous said...

Cool movies; of course, they're Asian, so how could they miss?

By the way, being along-time reader and first-time commenter as I am, I thought the best way to introduce myself is by bringing in a little introduction gift to you:


Peace out.


Ninja Dixon said...

Movie Bullstuff: I've heard some good stuff about He lives by night, and I like Sylvia Chang - so it will be fun to see!

TheGreatWhiteDope: Wow, thank you so much! Very nice! :D

MilesAhead said...

Profile in Danger doesn't pull up anything on DDDHouse. Could it be Profile in Anger? Seems to be a Fortune Star 80s flick.

I've gotten into Asian films largely due to DDDHouse making them affordable. btw for "letterbox" films like these, it often looks better if you convert with something that will autocrop to 16x9 if you have an HDTV or any TV with 16x9 mode.

I put a lot of my old DDDHouse flicks through AutoGK then play on an upconverting player. Looks better than the original in most cases.

Ninja Dixon said...

Gah! Sorry MilesAhead, I mean Profile in Anger - my mistake :) The trailer is good (no, excellent) anyway!