Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Anyone got this movie: Black Sun (1978)

I just got this great little poster for Black Sun (aka Mannen i Skuggan), a Swedish-Yugoslavian (probably shot in English) action-thriller directed by the one and only Arne Mattsson. I've been looking for the movie during many years now, and it MUST have been released on tape somewhere... so, anyone got it? Anyone want to fix me a DVD-R of this very obscure movie? :)


Jocke Andersson said...

YOu know, I recognize that fella. I think my parents had a book with him in that exakt pose on the cover... and maybe some nude chick.

Anonymous said...

I would ask the question on cultmovieforums.com
Someone must have it on vhs or something. I think it was released in the US aswell. Maybe you can find a Yugoslavian vhs-shop on the net? It might have been released there as there are some Yugoslavian actors in it. And Germany?
You can check this shop out.http://www.superstrangevideo.com/catalog.asp?action=search&searchType=alpha&keywords=S I know i have seen some movie with Helmut Griem in there. If not, they have a lot of nice cultmovies. I have ordered some nice flicks there before.

rev chris said...

did you ever get a copy of black sun (manneen i skuggen)? I have the joint editing credit and would like to see the movie again.

Anonymous said...

HI, this movie was screened in Helsinki twice this week, there is an archive print of it in Finland though it has never had an official release over here. Interesting, strange, powerful stuff...