Thursday, July 22, 2010

La Herencia Valdemar (2010)

Nah. Bah. I'm not sure really. Or? Shit. Really, this is difficult. On one side La Herenica Valdemar is a prime example of classic Spanish horror, and with Paul Naschy in a supporting role (his last too). On the other side it's the first part of two movies, and if this one didn't leave so much hopla around the world, will we ever see a sequel?

The Valdemar Estate is not up for sale, but the owners - a strange organization - want's it valued and cataloged. The send the young and ambitious Luisa Lorente (Silvia Abascal) there, but she soon disappears after a terrifying experience and soon the president of the organization and a private investigator is on it's way. On the train the president tells him about the Valdemar legacy and it's a tragic story. The house was once owned by a young couple and uses it as an orphanage (of course, it's Spain...). They also gets some extra money by arranging seances for the rich and powerful. After some trouble, the husband gets in contact with Alistair Crowley... and then shit hits the fan!

Now, Le Hernenica Valdemar looks stunning. It's a beautiful piece of cinema, and it really feels old-fashioned. It has that wonderful European feeling. The pace is not especially fast, and they spend to much time showing the young couples life and troubles before the fun starts. They spend way to much time doing that, which probably is because it's meant to be the first part. Big mistake, because this means we get one seventy minutes of drama, and just thirty minutes of Crowley doing what he does best, demons, some gore and cool and well made visual effects. All this, in the finale, looks stunning - but it's probably not only me that asks why they couldn't have done the opposite: thirty minutes drama and seventy minutes horror (it even has some kinda zombie!)! Most of the story is also a flashback, and in the end it leads up to those horrible events that starts the show.

It's a lot of loose ends, and I'm almost willing to pray to Satan Almighty so they can get the money to do the sequel! The best thing with the movie is of course Paul Naschy. He looks frail and old here, not only because of the make-up, and moves slower. But he's still Naschy and injects so much humanity and layers in his character as the young couples manservant. He's in the whole movie, but the part isn't that big - but important and well written. Like in Rojo Sangre, he really shows the world what a master-actor he was, something that can be forgotten among all naked ladies, werewolf-masks, beards and fistfights.

La Herenica Valdemar is one part excellent horror movie, but also a big part disappointment. That last disappointing part could be saved and erased if they made the sequel, if not I'm afraid this will be more forgotten than it deserves.


CiNEZiLLA said...

Holy Smothering Smoke Rings Batman!
Is this movie allready out? I really need to get this - so where'd ya get it? Because I've been wanting to see it so bad since that trailer hit last year. It sure looks splendid, so I'm glad that you say it looks so too.

El excitemundo Snr Fred.

Adam said...

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Ninja Dixon said...

J, well... I'll had to admit, I've done something evil to be able to see this - but what can a fan do when it takes time to reach an english friendly dvd? :)

It's out on DVD in Spain, one site says it has english subtitles and one say it dosen't. And there's a lot of talking in it, so I don't want to risk buying something I can't understand yet.

Adam said...

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Anonymous said...

Love Spanish horrormovies. This one looks interesting, even though you say it has to little horror.

By the way Adam. I think it´s time for you to get a life, and you really need a job. You can start by getting dressed, and go out and meet some people. It´s a first.

Anonymous said...

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So, from now on - no more Adam, and thanks all of you for your support :)