Thursday, May 10, 2012

Some Guy Who Kills People (2011)

There's a lot of things in life that pisses me of - famine, war, republicans... but worst of all are those fan boys out there that only watches the mainstream cinema and proclaim that there's no new good movies being made. They are wrong. Of course. Like always, like it's always been, the best stuff is shown outside the multiplexes in smaller theatres or direct to DVD. Some Guy Who Kills People is the latest "dramedy" with a lot of genre elements that kicks the balls on the big movies, and most people will never see it because they're just too lazy to look beyond what they see in the magazines ads or on some stupid TV-channel.

Kevin Corrigan is Ken Boyd, a psycho. Well, he obviously have mental health problems. He works at an ice cream parlour, lives with his mum (Karen Black), hangs out with his looser friend Irv (Leo Fitzpatrick).  If he's totally out of luck the local sheriff (Barry Bostwick) is home banging his mother. Ken has, no surprise, given up on life - until the day his daughter (Ariel Gade), who he never met - finds him and wants to have her dad again. She's 11 years old and demands attention. The problem is that it seems like Ken is killing of the idiots in the little town where he lives. Often in brutal, bloody ways. The cops is closing in and now his daughter wants to be his daughter. Big problems, very big problems.

This is a perfect triple feature together with Super and God Bless America. They have the same ideas about men who can't stand it anymore who meets a young woman who wants to change their lives. But that's where it ends, except the graphic violence of course. Some Guy Who Kills People is by far the most serious in this trio of urban satires, and it's a damn good thing. Most of the laughs is generated from the fantastic and extremely funny Barry Bostwick (I worship him!), but there's some mighty fine drama here also. Kevin Corrigan is magnificent and performs spot-on as a person with serious mental problems, without making a parody of it, but it's Karen Black who steals the show as his mother. I don't think I've seen Karen so good, so natural, for many many years. Low-key, subtle acting - but with a dark streak of cynicism. Wickedly funny without chewing the scenery.

Maybe not as crazy or far-out as I was lead to believe after watching the trailer, but hey - this is even better. What comes as a big surprise is the director of this movie, Jack Perez - who is the man behind the infamous Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus (using the alias of Ace Hannah)! There's no goofiness like that to be found in this movie, but the man has an interesting form of humour and he uses it well. It's a bloody movie also, with some graphic killings - but not close to the maybe you'll see in Super, God Bless America or Kick-Ass. So if you prefer your movies really, really, really violent - watch something else. But do you want an emotionally strong comedy-drama with a decapitation or two - go and watch or rent or buy Some Guy Who Kills People.

Good news for my readers in Scandinavia, it's out on nice-looking DVD from Njuta Films in Sweden! I can't probably force you to buy the movie - if I could I would - but as a start, go to Facebook and like the official Some Guy Who Kills People page there! Send greetings from Ninja Dixon!


Anonymous said...

Ok...your latest review is a dark comedy horror..?

About that previous link... don´t know if you of heard about a gay porn version featuring Jesus Christ..?

This film is considered lost as well...

Anonymous said...

Sounds like my kind of stuff. I'll check it out for sure.