Sunday, May 13, 2012

Edgar G. Ulmer week at Ninja Dixon!

Yes, finally something you all been waiting for! ;)

Edgar G. Ulmer was one of the most interesting and intelligent "b-movie" directors in Hollywood and worked in every genre from horror and sci-fi to melodrama and film noir. The stories might seem ordinary at a first glance, but is often filled with Ulmer's odd ideas, interesting characters and unique twists. A very quirky filmmaker who deserves even more respect than he's gotten over the years.

From Monday to Friday, one Ulmer-movie each day! There will be other reviews also, of course - I'm hyper-active right now - but Edgar G. Ulmer will be MY man the whole week! I encourage you who have blogs to watch and write about his work and you other to take some time watch that film noir thriller who's been standing in your shelf for such a long time - it might be Ulmer himself!

Looking forward to comments and analyzes of his work - and please, if you decided to write something yourself on your blog, please let me know here and I will link to your review!



Anonymous said...

Are you starting with Detour (1945)..?

I like that film noir.

Shot in 28 days according to IMDB.

Ninja Dixon said...

You'll see :)

vwstieber said...

One of his weirdest is JOURNEY BENEATH THE DESERT. A better title would have been MISTRESS OF ATLANTIS MEETS THE ATOMIC BOMB. It completely lacks the esoteric beauty of Pabst's film and feels flat and uninspired for the first hour, then builds up a great sense of urgency and dread that feels like a cheapjack WAGES OF FEAR.

Ninja Dixon said...

It might be reviewed later this week :)

Darci said...

It's obvious you've heard of the 1934 Black Cat, so it's disappointing you didn't include it this time. Perhaps the next time you schedule an Ulmer Week? Others you might consider are 1944's Bluebeard, 1957's Daughter of Dr. Jekyll, The Amazing Transparent Man and Beyond the Time Barrier (filmed back-to-back in 1960).