Thursday, August 2, 2012

For my Swedish readers: Queer Skräck på

Ikväll är det Bögskräck! på SF-bokhandeln och för er som inte kan komma så rekommenderar jag From Beyonds podcast i två delar, om Queer skräck. Alex Kassberg bjöd in mig för att snacka HBTQ-skräck från filmens barndom till nutid och det blev så långt att det blev två avsnitt!

Del 1.
(där vi lyckas blanda ihop två karaktärer i The Haunting, men ignorera det bara ;))

(där vi börjar bli lite trötta, det var galet varmt i studion!)

Hoppas ni gillar det och jag ser fram mot att gästa deras podcast igen någon gång i framtiden!

/Ninja Dixon


Anonymous said...

Thanks ninja!


Anonymous said...

I have listened to the whole podcast now....few things I wondering over..

1) Did you guys mention Freaks (1932)? I would have loved your reflections on Josephine Joseph....a character that was supposedly hermaphrodite and there are at least one very interesting scene with her.

2) Love discussion about Cruising (1980)....but wasn´t it Willy Deville - It's So Easy that you meant...? It´s nice song....

3) When you were talking about Rope (1948)I was hoping you would mention Leopold and Loeb crime case, the original source for Rope (1948).
I think those guys were in a gay relationship.

It was a good conversation, I liked part 2 better then part 1 time could you guys decide beforehand what films you are going to talk about and see all of them....?

Sometimes it was unclear wether you seen them or not. Also you jumped between decades very fast, I could hardly keep up.

But I loved it...great work Ninja.


Ninja Dixon said...

It's so much we could have mentioned, but it became long enough anyway :)

Anonymous said...

Ninja: Maybe...but I liked should do more and longer!