Monday, November 14, 2011

The Killer Elephants in stock again!

After reading yet another fine review, this time at Mondo Digital, I hope you all feel inspired to go to Diabolik DVD (the only solution for you who don't live in Scandinavia) and buy a copy of Attackafant Entertainment's release of The Killer Elephants! Here's the direct link!

Attackafant Entertainment is a small company, very small. Every sold DVD means that we can get closer to release even more DVDs in the future. The next will already arrive in January, the fantastic monster movie Thunder of Gigantic Serpent. Our focus is at movies that's hard to get and even of many of them are lost we try to dig up the best possible version - in these cases we used digibetas directly from the rights holder in Hong Kong.

If you live in Sweden you can buy The Killer Elephants at, for example, Discshop, Ginza, Webhallen, Megastore and many other places. If your store don't have it, ask them to order it!

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Anonymous said...

I wrote earlier about it. My copy arrived today (took over 3 weeks from USA). Will watch it when I have a chance! Looks good. Will likely buy your next one since Onar is no more.