Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Il était une fois le diable - Devil Story (1985)

From Sheep Tapes comes Devil Story, which probably is the weirdest and stranges horror movie ever to come from France. Or horror, it's hardly scary. Just filled with odd scenes directed by Bernard "One Take" Launois, bound together with the thinnest red thread I've ever seen. It's pure insanity and the best way is describe this movie is to use that word and make everything so much clearer:

Incredible strange.
Not enough gore, but still OK.
Shabby editing.
A man shooting at a horse for half the movie?
Not especially smart story.
I never got bored.
Total madness.
You need this movie!

Yeah, you need it. Buy it here or barf blood for three minutes! And if you want to barf blood for three minutes and still don't want to buy the movie, I predict your thumbs will jump to the wrong side of the hand. Like in the movie.

Have a nice day.


craptastic said...

Yeah, that horse was wierd...

cozzi said...

Tackar för länken. Beställning lagd ;)