Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Green Slime Dance

34 minutes into The Green Slime there's a long dialogue-scene between Elliott and Rankin, our male testosterone-spurting heroes. I have already forgotten what they were talking about, mostly because of the fantastic "futuristic" dance that happens in the background. So I bring to you here a little instruction (picture first, instruction under) that I hope you all will learn and do on the dance floor next time you're out for some fun. Ok?

Begin with putting your right hand on your partners shoulder and at the exact same time push each other away, but don't let go! Do this a couple of times.

Stop, like in slow-motion, and move your right hands up to the side of your face and make a gentle circle-movement.

Move the hands slowly down against the side of your body, until you reach the hip.

From the hip, make a sudden (and I mean sudden, very fast) move with both your arms up in this Indian chief-position...

Up with your hands in the air like someone is saying "hands up!"

Then start waving both your arms, in opposite directions from each other, very aggressively, two times.

Up again to the "hands up"-position, and hook in to each others fingers!

And from there, just start to wag each others arms back and forth...

...until the wagging almost goes, without thinking, over to the whole body!

And because this is the sixties you can then smoke and drink as much as you want, it's not dangerous anyway, and continue with a nice slow dance that eventually lead to sex and maybe a blond little baby girl (but you all want a boy anyway, so the father can play football with him on the lawn and inspire him to start smoking a pipe at the age of 23.

Good luck everyone!

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