Monday, November 15, 2010

Sing Wing Lu (199?)

I have no idea really, but this movie, Sing Wing Lu, could be from the very early nineties or very late eighties. It’s one of the VCD’s I got from Thailand recently and what I can make out Ron Rittichai plays a good cop, a chick plays another good cop and Panna Rittikrai plays their violent good cop- colleague. The story is something about a terrorist/sect leader who orders his crew to kill people, take hostage and other creative things. Maybe he’s a khmer or something like that. Anyway, our trio of heroes follow him and everything end with a long fight.

No, it’s not a brilliant movie in anyway, but who cares? It has one mayor problem: it delivers only in the end. There’s action all over the movie, but very little and never creative or particularly well-filmed. Every time a fight start, they suddenly add crappy in editing-generated slow-mo which looks like shit and takes away the power from the fights. Panne Rittikrai has little to do and is wasted on boring stunts…

…until that grand finale! After over one hour of weak, but kinda entertaining, action they finally arrives to the terrorist’s camp. It’s just a couple of tables, something that resembles a fence and some chairs – and suddenly we’re treated to one fantastic, awesome, über-violent stunt-orgy! Sure, I’ve seen more spectacular one’s on other movies Panna Rittikrai has been involved in, but here you’ll see stuff you never seen before. As usual, a lot of real hits and kicks to body and head, hard contact in clear view. In two shots Rittikrai uses both his legs – and only them – to kick someone in the head. It’s hard to describe, but it looks almost unreal, and if those guys didn’t get hurt, slap me around and call me Susan!

Like most of these early Pechpanna Productions-films, they give you that big juicy, wet, kick-orgasm in the end. The rest is just to entertain the folks drinking moonshine during late nights in northern Thailand. Some laughs, some romance and then a big fucking fight in the end.

I can recommend this movie just because of that end fight, so if you have the chance, pick up the VCD and give it a try!

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