Friday, November 5, 2010

Panna Rittikrai is back - Bangkok Knockout!

Panna Rittikrai is the most insane action director and choreographer in Thailand. I've been a fan for years now and finally he's back with a movie again, an movie he's directed himself. If you've seen his old movies - or the latest big movie, Born to Fight, you know that he's not that fond of story, it's just a way to show brutal action and over-the-top insane stunts.

This seem to be the first trailer/teaser and it looks impressive. More old school than the latest from the bigger studios he worked as an action choreographer for, more simple, more spectacular, more dangerous!


Anonymous said...

Born to fight is great. Will be checking out this one. By the way, to change subject. What do you think of the casting of this upcoming movie?

Many old heroes there. And Uwe Boll is being honest in this interview of why he did his role =)

Ninja Dixon said...

What a bizarre cast - but it could be very fun! I hope there will be a "real" trailer soon, so we can see some footage from the actually movie to :)

Anonymous said...

Yes and according to Imdb Rutger Hauer is in it aswell. But he isn´t mentioned on the official website to the movie :)
Apparently they want to make a trilogy out of this. But it would be nice to see a trailer as you say.