Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hey! That's me and Christina Lindberg!

Taken yesterday by Jason Meredith from Cinezilla, at The Scandinavian Sci-fi, Game & Film Convention in Stockholm. Wonderful lady, I've met her a couple of times before but this is the first real photographic proof :) She also signed my This Is Christina-book.

Anyway, there will be more photos from the convention, so check back later today or tomorrow!


Patrick B said...

I had the opportunity to meet her here in Norway a few months ago at a convention. Probably Norway's second movie convention ever. Deodato where there too. But I couldn't go :(

But I already have things signed by both of them, so it wasn't to sad.

But this seems like fun. Never heard about the This is Christina book. How is it?

Anonymous said...

Yeah i ask the same. What about that book? Where can i find it?

Anonymous said...

That's just fuckin' awesome, man...!

Johannes Pinter said...

I want so view more pics from the convention. Please publish them, Fred :)