Friday, November 4, 2011

Inbred (2011)

After many hours at Weekend of Horrors in Bottrop we sat down outside, Jocke lit a cigarette and the only thing on our minds was to lay down in our soft hotel beds and sleep the eternal sleep. Thanks heavens Jason woke us up and with the last powers we had we decided to watch Inbred, a new horror movie from Alex Chandon. Alex, armed with a fresh version - only four days old - introduced us to a truly demented piece of horror cinema, and I can say that no one of us in the screening room regretted watching this superb movie!

It began like so many other movies (almost, I refuse to spoil everything): a bunch of people in a minivan going out on the countryside for a weekend of learning to cooperate and maybe even be friends for life. Lead by two social workers, having responsibility over four troubled youths. They arrive to a small village, where they rented a house, and starts to clean up the place. But something is of course terrible wrong with this charming place, and it starts with the colorful clientele at The Dirty Hole, the local pub...

Oh boy. Inbred is clearly one of the best, funniest and goriest black comedies I've seen it a very long time. No, I won't compare it with Shaun of the Dead or Tucker & Dale, because Inbred are in it's own brilliant league. It's darker, gorier and has a Monty Python-esque Grand Guignol atmosphere. I'm of course to young to have experienced real Grand Guignol, but I'm sure Inbred is pretty close to that once was the hottest entertainment in Le Gay Paris.

Every good movie lives its life because of good characters, and Inbred has a phenomenal cast. I'm writing this now without the luxury of Internet, but just google the movie and check out the cast! Our heroes has truly depth, with enough personality to make us care when they finally bites the dust. Even the antagonists are written with love and they are so superior to similar "inbred rednecks" that it would be any problem to write another story only focusing on them.

The gore is just stunning! It's, according to Alex, 99,9 % practical effects with a final digital touch. We're treated to a couple of ultra-gory scenes of extreme carnage, lots of violence against heads, stabbings, body-slicing! Inbred has every kind of kill you can imagine, and it never takes away the focus from the story! I'm surprised how such - at the first glance - generic story can offer something more, but Inbred actually manages to do this.

Currently looking for distribution, but Inbred is a must in your DVD or Blu-ray collection when it's out. Personally I can't fucking wait!

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David A. Zuzelo said...

Wow...I saw Chandon's name and thought I was dreaming. I can't wait to see this film!!
I'm officially jealous of the NINJA DIXON CREW!