Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amavas Ki Raat (1990)

It’s always nice to see generic slashers from another country than the US, and this Hindi slasher, Amavas Ki Raat, don’t stray that far away from the classic template. Not a remake of any kind, but the story is so standard and everything done thousands of time before this one, so you know what to expect as soon as the movie start rolling. But of course, it has a couple of the typical Bollywood-twists and it’s a very entertaining piece of trash in the end.

A witch, I guess - or just an old crazy woman who happens to know black magic - controls a muscular, bearded man to kill innocent women by, most of the time, stabbing them or throwing them from the third floor. The police are nearby and finally they kill him, shot numerous times in the chest! The only survivor from the last killing spree is a little boy, and soon after they killer has been buried he wakes up screaming after seeing him in his dream. To prove to him that the killer is dead two cops makes the not so smart decision to dig up the corpse and show the dead body to the boy! Guess what happens, yes… the killer wakes up and continues killing everyone he sees! Now the police have to hunt a living dead serial killer!

This is as stupid as it sounds, and add to that singing and dancing and a 100% pointless plot with a couple of idiotic comedians trying to be funny by making funny faces, you have yourself a true Bollywood horror movie. If the filmmakers had been smart, they would have skipped the comedy part and they would have a fun and very generic slasher with a killer which is the total opposite to Michael and Jason, he roars like a monster and never stalks his victims. He just jumps out at them and kills them brutally. The killer also died in the beginning, so begins to rot during the movie and look quite hideous at the end.

Amavas Ki Raat is a slasher that desperately trying to entertain its audience by putting as much stuff as possible into the storyline. We have, if I didn’t miss one, at least four times when the police think the killer is dead, drops their guard and he wakes up and continue his killing spree! Four times, maybe five! That’s just awesome, and a bit tedious to be honest. But expect the idiotic comedy parts this is a fun movie, never boring and gives us enough slasher action for at least two movies. It’s not gory, but some blood is visible and it also has a very bloodless head-explosion for those who are brave to sit through the whole movie.

I think I can recommend this to most of you, but prepare to watch it without subtitles – as usual ;)

Oh, don’t worry, like all Bollywood movies from this time, it also has a Kung Fu fight in a park. Not bad, eh?


Dead Moon Night said...

As always...great review!
What Bollywood movie do you recommend that comes with subtitles? And are they all 140min+? I just ordered the Bollywood Horror collection vol.2 so I might start with that one!

Ninja Dixon said...

The Bollywood Horror Collection 1-3 are all excellent! A good start.

But it's so hard to recommend something, because there's so much. Most of the Indian DVDs has English subtitles, of it's not one of those were they've squeezed in three movies on one disc.