Sunday, May 8, 2011

Attackafant needs a new tagline for Thunder of Gigantic Serpent!

The existing taglines for Thunder of Gigantic Serpent are a bit lame, even if they are cool in that unique IFD-way:

"Today he was only a household pet. Tonight he threatens to destroy the world"

"A terrible legless creature brings the world to its knees"

"What would you do if you were a serpent, 300 feet long, and someone threatened your only friend? For Mosler, the only answer is "Kill""
None of them are really that good. A bit to long, a bit to... lame. With all respect to IFD and Mr Joseph Lai of course! So join our Facebook-page and help Attackafant Entertainment to come up with a new cool tagline. The price is the honor of helping Mosler rule the world again!

Get some inspiration from the cool trailer down below!

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