Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Samson dan Delilah (1987)

For the love of Satan, how many outfits can a woman have? Suzzanna, as the evil Delilah, has one new outfit for each scene in Samson dan Delilah, and with that ridiculous wig she looks like a slimmer version of Miss Piggy! Yes, Samson dan Delilah is a very weird Indonesian take on the biblical story of Samson with his curly hair and super strenght. Here played by the talentless Paul Hay, a man who gets his bodybuilding-resume in the pre-credits! He looks like the retarded offspring of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Eddie Izzard.

Anyway, it’s more or less the same story that we learned and loved since kindergarten. Except this time Samson chops an evil Cyclops in two pieces, makes Suzzanna imitate fellatio on a banana and then licks her thighs clean from syrup! One of the baddies is a man with an upside-down moustache and we also are treated to some eye-tits.

Yes, this, Samson dan Delilah, is crazy motherfucking wacky Indonesia in full bloom. The fights are absurd and colourful (everything in this movie is colourful) and the gore is over-the-top and with a lot of spraying blood. Of course we’re getting some fun magic, including a self-repairing magician! The comedy goes from stupid to just childish, but it’s impossible to dislike this movie. Everyone seem to have a lot of fun, especially Suzzanna who really is wild here, and even Paul Hay is fun to look at, even if he can’t fight and is very, very stiff during the rest of the action scenes. But I’ve seen worse.

The French DVD is in widescreen and uncut, but only with French language. Still, this is – what I know – the best version out right now and believe me, it’s easy to understand this even if they don’t talk English or the lack of subtitles in the same language. It’s also very cheap!

I have no idea what to write more about this fantastic movie, so here’s some screenshots! Enjoy!


CiNEZiLLA said...

Cool! That movie looks really groovey!

Anonymous said...

There is no movie like this nowadays