Monday, July 20, 2009

My father, a part of the swedish sin

On my 30th birthday two years ago I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to my father. We see each other every eight years or something like that, so it's nice to see whats up the old mans sleeve nowdays.

He knows I'm a movie-freak. I make movies, write about movies, doing research about movies, collect movies, act in movies. Everything that has to do with movies, especially eurocult and arthouse. So after being my father for 30 years he suddenly says "Freddy, do you know I've been in a movie?".

My father, that are so shy that he never dares to mention the times when he played with Eric Clapton on stage, have been in a movie?"Ah, it was nothing. Just in the background".Of course I wanted to know what movie it was. And he said "Som Hon Bäddar Får Han ligga", directed by Gunnar Höglund. I've seen that movie a couple of times. A german-swedish sex-komedi with Harald Leipnitz in the lead together with Diana Kjaer and a lot of other nude women.

Do You Believe in Swedish Sin?, Nach Stockholm der Liebe wegen, Svensk synd - finns den? and Swedish Sin is a few of its titles. So my father has been an extra in a swedish sex-comedy. A part of the swedish sin. Sure, I'm proud. Very proud, because this means where my DNA came from. It came from a man that earned 50 swedish kronor by sitting in an airplane during ten hours in a swedish nudie-flick.

Dad, I love you.

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