Wednesday, October 12, 2011

The Attackfants are here!

I'll get back to you with a detailed list of links where to buy Attackafant Entertainment's first DVD, Kom Akadej's The Killer Elephants! Here's the specs:

The Killer Elephants

Prepare to get squashed!

This ain't no circus! From the depths of Thai film history comes Kom Akadej’s forgotten masterpiece about cops, gangsters, a house-crushing story of love, and… killer elephants! Starring legendary superstar Sombat Metanee and a who’s who of 1970’s Thai cinema! Filled with the traditional stunts and action of Thailand, from brutal fistfights to extravagant car chases!

For the first time on an official DVD comes the international version of The Killer Elephants, a movie never before released on any home video format in Thailand. Attackafant Entertainment is proud to present this action-packed lost cult classic to a wider audience!

Special DVD features
Widescreen version of The Killer Elephants, sourced from VHS.
An Introduction to The Killer Elephants by Regis Madec
International theatrical trailer
Artwork gallery

Technical Specifications
Fullscreen 4:3
English with Swedish or English subtitles
Region All


Jack J said...

Ahhh, very niiice!

Anonymous said...

Hi, any news where I can buy The Killer Elephants? I used to buy Bill/Onar directly. Would be to UK. Thanks.

Ninja Dixon said...

The DVDs are on their way to Diabolik DVD, so that might be the easiest way for you.
If you check and search on or you might be able to find some store that sends outside Scandinavia.
Thanks for the support, I appreciate it a lot! :)