Monday, July 18, 2011

Sidang Dara Dedemit (2000)

Sometimes I’m just too lazy to even try writing a review, especially if the movie is to crazy or strange to write down in words. It has happen before and now it’s time again. Let me introduce Sidang Dara Dedemit which seems to be one of several movies, episodes, about a beautiful woman and her bald gay spirit friend. This bald guy is played by Ozzy Syahputra, who’s a famous actor and singer in Indonesia.

It’s a mix between scares and comedy – mostly comedy – and some utterly bizarre characters. It’s cheap, dirty and very silly. But even without subtitles it’s hard to be bored by it. There’s plenty of extremely cheap video effects, dwarfs and the fog machine is working hard to create atmosphere in something that could have been a daytime soap opera but with monsters and ghosts!

Anyway, this is very entertaining and I will try to find other episodes so I can tell you more about the adventures of Si Manis Jembatan Ancol and Ozzy!

But I will let the screenshots talk instead, here you go:

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