Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kızıltuğ Cengiz Han (1952)

Thank heavens for vacation, this is the time were I can sit down and watch all the movies I wanted to focus on for a long time. Kızıltuğ Cengiz Han, aka Red Plume – Genghis Khan is one of them, one of the earliest Turkish movies to be saved from oblivion. Thought to be lost for ages, Onar Films finally released this hidden classic in 2008 and it’s not until know I took the time to watch it! Shame on me, but as long as I put the money in Onar Films I’m proud and happy.

Turan Seyfioglu is Otsukarci, a freelance warrior who one day runs into the great Genghis Khan and becomes friend with him after helping him out when bandits attacks! Khan offers him a job, but he refuses politely. But he agrees to help him with one thing, go to another ruler and demand some money that he owes Khan. All things well until the ruler sees him and realize he’s a damn copy of his lazy son – who needs to be in a fight the next day! Otsukarci pretends to be the son, but everything falls apart and everyone understands he’s just a fake! Now our brave warrior is in-between to rulers, who are mighty angry at him and each other!

Something like that! Red Plume has been lost for years and years, and big parts are probably missing from the story. Either destroyed by age or just edited away for difference purposes. So the story is a bit thin here and there, but thankfully the most of the action seem intact and it’s excellent stuff. Great and violent sword-fights, cool stunts and a very classy 1930’s feeling of matinee and entertainment. Turan Seyfioglu is damn fine hero to, with a cool moustache and nice swings in those fists.

I’m just guessing, but maybe Red Plume aren’t the most best-selling title in Onar Films library of Turkish classics, if so, it’s a pity because it’s probably one of the most unique and special DVD’s they released. Not sixties or seventies kitch, but a very competent and nice adventure movie which so appeal to everyone into peplums and historical epics. The final, a big battle also offers some rare graphic violence and blood, which surprised me. It’s way to short and ends a bit abruptly, but is worth every penny spent on this DVD.

And if I hear one single person complain about the quality on this DVD – shut the hell up, because the quality is excellent, remember this is a lost film. This is probably the only way we ever can see this movie again. Nothing to complain about, because this is it! No alternatives. Get your sexy asses over to Onar Films now and buy this one and all the other cool titles he as in store for you!

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