Monday, February 21, 2011

The Ninja Squad (1986)

Hey, what do you all say about another Godfrey Ho-classic? YES! This time I've watched The Ninja Squad, which so far was the most straight forward and non-confusing Ninja-flick from IFD Film & Arts I've seen so far. I would even go so far to say it was quite good, in a good way - but only if you're into extra cheese of course. If you want something serious, go watch a Jackie Chan-movie or something...

Ten years ago, Ninja Gordon (Richard Harrison) finally decides that his pupil is ready to meet the real life, and is sent home to get a job and get out in reality again. But someone is killing of the Ninjas, Ivan the Red (Dave Wheeler) and our young hero, now a Flipino wannabe-cop who supports his family and fights for his dreams... or something like that. But an evil gang of thugs wants his familys house and land, and he has to fight the off and at the same time watch out for
the evil red Ninja!

Pretty straightforward storyline, yeah? And it's that for real, not me just simplifying things. What director Godfrey Ho and producer Joseph Lai has done here is shooting new Ninja-footage with Richard Harrison and some other western blokes and added this to a Filipino crime drama, which in it's own way seem pretty good. That part of the movie has a realistic and violent atmosphere with dirty locations and lots of melodrama. The shoot-outs and fights are low-key and brutal, shot very effective without anyone showing off too much. The Ninja-parts is the usual wackiness with Richard Harrison and his stuntman doing somersaults in various public parks against other colorful Ninjas (all with cool Ninja headbands of course, who says Ninja or Nin Ja). Some of that fighting is quite OK and it's always extremely cool for us Godfrey Ho-ophiles.

But what the hell did they think when they designed Richard Harrison's Ninja suit for this movie? It looks like sparkly glitter-disco-thingie with some amazing non-correct colors! I wish my DVD-drive would work so I could give you a screenshot, but that has to wait to some other age and time. Or just go buy the damn movie and experience it yourself!

I also want to add that the soundtrack to this whole production is really good, with some nice electronic stuff and something that sound like some alternative synth-pop stuff. Not bad at all, I just wish I knew what it was!

Not bad for what it is, but might lack that belowed IFD-madness that I know many of use wants in unhealthy doses. But I think it's a worthy part of any honest mans collection.


Rebus said...

a great 'Ninja film' or 2 films combined...hahaha...I put your link in my blog, if you want can you do the same please? it would be a great honor for me ;)

Ninja Dixon said...

Your command is my law... or whatever, do you have link and stuff on my blog now :)

Alex B. said...

I used to own a cheap DVD this one, so I suppose that makes me an honest man:)
My friend is also a big fan of Ninja Squad.
I admit I didn't like the dirty locations of the original Filipino film, it all seemed pretty ugly.
But the dialogues were so funny!
My favourite Godfrey Ho's are Ninja Terminator and Ninja the Protector(with music by Pink Floyd!)

Jesus Manuel said...

Hellooo..Here I am again, I can smell your IFD entries from my blog!!!! hehehehehehe...

The filipino movie used as main body for this ninja squad was starred by Ray Malonzo, one of the most famous Bruce Lee clones from the Philippines & star of Chaku Master. I don't know the title but this movie ( the original filipino drama) got a kind of "spiritual" sequel that was used by Ifd's rival in bussiness Filmark international in Ninja: Warriors from beyond ( aka Black Phanther). Both movies got Malonzo as the star & most of the other actors are the same & using the same clothes!!!

Ninja Dixon said...

Jesus, I knew it! You have some kinda sixth sense about these movies! ;)
Thanks for the info, very nice of you!

And by the way, the monster movie used for Thunder of Gigantic Serpent is King of Snake, a Taiwanese movie from 1984:

Alex, I think the dirty locations is one of the best things with the movie! :) I think Richard Harrison looks drugged when he's meditating in this movie too, like he's totally gone :)

Jesus Manuel said...

Oh..I am speechless!!!! Where the hell have you got this poster??? It is great! & You are the first one to have unclosed this secret!!!...I feel a bit a good way!

Do you have a clue to "unmask" the source movie Godfrey Ho used Scorpion Thunderbolt?THat's another great IFD movie with a lot of unknown secrets.

Congrats for your discovering..and with your persmission I add that poster to my private IFD picture folder, Whenever I may use it in my site I will mention you.

Jesus Manuel said...

After I saw the poster I couldn't avoid going to google & check for more information...look what I have just found:

Ninja Dixon said...

Cool Jesus! Well, finally decided to really find the original movie and just started searching for "taiwan" +"monster" and finally it was there! Feel free to use the poster and write about the discovery :)