Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Lets get Giovanni Lombardo Radice into Bond 23!

Sorry for the lack of reviews, but I'm absurdly busy with my "real" job and a few real surprises. I just don't have time for the moment to relax in front of the TV. But soon, when you least expect it...

But I have a mission. Giovanni Lombardo Radice is one of his generations finest, most edgy actors in Italy. You've seen in him in tons of Italian genre cinema, but also on the stage, in big budget Hollywood-movies and he's always brilliant.

Here's the story. Radice was once very close to be cast as the bad guy in the Bond-movie World Is Not Enough, but Robert Carlyle took the part in the end. I like Carlyle, but to be honest, Giovanni would have OWNED that part! And probably make one of the weakest Bond-movies a lot stronger.

These petitions can be a bit silly, but everytime it's for a good cause I always sign - and therefor I encourage you all to go here and sign this to inspire MGM/Eon Productions to cast Mr Radice in Bond 23.

Wouldn't he an excellent enemy of Daniel Craig?


makai said...

Done! man i totally missed that info of him almost getting a part in a bond movie. john morghen, a victim of many creative death scenes:) hope he has a chance, would love to see him kick bonds ass!

Ninja Dixon said...

Great! :)
And I'm sure he would kick good!

Mick said...

Yeah he would be excellent as a bond villain! :)