Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gonggoi the Beast (2002)

To be honest, there’s really nothing interesting to write about this failure. Another shot-on-video (not bad looking either) horror from Thailand, this time with the monkey-spirit Kong Koy as the baddie. He likes to rip people’s entrails out, eat them and also suck the energy from the bodies. Just a pity the budget was to low to show any gore.

But if you want to see a bunch of Thai teenagers dance to very, very lame covers of Beat It, Footloose and other hits of the eighties, talking about nothing and then die off-screen, this is the movie for you. If they had focused on the professor and his assistants in the beginning, making it more of an adventure-style hunting-movie with a gory body count deep in the jungle – this could have been something.

Maybe you think this screenshot look fun? You’re wrong, because this movie also boasts one of the worst monkey-suits ever. Makes Queen Kong look like Jurassic Park in comparison!

That’s it, next time I need a good DTV-movie from Thailand!


Patrick B said...

Haha. Sounds bad.

Ninja Dixon said...

Yeah... and as you might now, I can find something good and watchable in all movies - but this time, it was hard. It looks good at least.

The main problem is that the script is boring - nothing happens - and that they spent to much money on cheap covers than on gore effects :)

CiNEZiLLA said...

LMFAO. "spent more money on cheap covers than on gore effects" Epic Ninja, epic.

Anonymous said...

That monkeysuit looks like it was coming from Buttericks.

Ninja Dixon said...

Probably the Thai-version of Buttericks! :)