Friday, August 6, 2010

Another award!

As you can see on the side of the blog I got a Versatile Award recently, and sorry - I just can't find the original post where I got it, so the person/blog giving it to me can step forward I will post a link and some other info - it's been a bit to much with work recently.

But today I got another one! This time I won't forget! It's from Cinezilla and this is what he wrote about Ninja Dixon and why he gave me the award:

1. Ninja Dixon. Yes this is a great spot that I usually start the day off with, visit during lunch, and then check out again before I fall asleep on the couch. This guy can write up between one to four films during a day, so you have to be alert if you want to keep up. The blog is run by a one of a kind enthusiast, multi talented chap who’s rants and rambles on the most strange selection of movies in a fashion that makes me either want to revisit the stuff he covers or enjoy it for the first time. Toppo nothcho as Miss Hannah Minx would say…
I appreciate it a lot!!! :) Always a good way to start the day!

Now, when you get an award it's normal to give this award away to other amazing blogs. I've done it before, but I will wait a little. I'm planning my own award for later this year...


Alex B. said...

Congratulations mate!
Hope you're all good:)

Ninja Dixon said...

Thanks Alex! :)

Oh yeah, I'm fine! Soon vacation, working on some fun projects, the blog is going well and I really can't complain.

Hope everything is great with you? :)

OCD, Cinema, Wine and Women said...

cool blog