Sunday, December 30, 2012

Alex Bakshaev's Videohunter (2012)

My favorite indie-filmmaker is Alex Bakshaev and I've earlier reviewed Naked Trip and Zärtlichtkeit. Now Videohunter is out. Bakshaev works with very small means and his movies are often built around silence, but has that important edge that so many serious independent filmmakers misses. They think it's important to be  pretentious without having nothing to say when it's always about the opposite. Being arty doesn't mean you need to be empty, and Bakshaev is one of the few that realizes this. Videohunter is close to nine minutes long and I watched it in bed this morning, while trying to figure out if I should wake up or not. I'm happy I watched it during those conditions. It's a very Europan, dreamlike story - as usual with nods to the geniuses of European cinema: Fassbinder, Franco, Rollin - but here I see more of Bakshaev himself than just inspiration from the masters. I sincerely hope that he one day, once again, makes a feature length movie. 

Here's a link directly to YouTube. I'm afraid my settings on this blog cuts almost haft the picture down below, and you can't miss a thing of this pearl. Or do what we all should do, buy the DVD from Carnie Films.


Anonymous said...

"I sincerely hope that he one day, once again, makes a feature length movie."

I´m bit surprised he hasn´t made that leap yet but I guess he is moving closer and closer.

Thanks, ninja & Alex Bakshaev.


Ninja Dixon said...

Well, Naked Trip is one. But I want him to make more.

Anonymous said...

Ninja: Shit...hahahhahah....I thought that was a short as well.

I must read your old reviews more carefully.....


Alex B. said...

Thank you gentlemen. 2013 is the year. I will make another feature. It may be only 60 minutes long or thereabouts, but I will.