Sunday, February 5, 2012

Flesh Gordon (1974)

Rick Baker, Dave Allen and Dennis Muren - three special effects legends that has created some of the best effects every in cinema history. But one movie that I will forever remember them for is the fantastic, charming and talented soft porn comedy romp Flesh Gordon. Made during a time when freedom was at it's height in the US and filmmakers experimented and created some of the best movies ever - and this of course made even the sex-movies impressive for a couple of years.

A sex-ray hits earth and makes everyone in it's way sex-crazed horny maniacs! During a flight Flesh Gordon's (Jason Williams) airplane is hit by the sex-ray and he and a gorgeous blonde, Dale Ardor (Suzanne Fields) flees the death trap with parachute and lands close to the lab of Dr Flexi Jerkoff (Joseph Hudgins). He makes them come with him out in space with his penis-shaped rocket ship to fight the Emperor Wang the Perverted (William Dennis Hunt)! It will be an adventure they never will forget, with Penisaurus around the corner, the dangerous Beetleman and of course the Rapist Robots!

Flesh Gordon is one of the funniest, silliest and charming sex-comedies of the seventies. Made with a passionate love for the old serials and comics and with a witty script that goes beyond just normal sex-jokes - this is silly sex-jokes! It's very clear that everyone in this movie enjoyed themselves, from the enthusiastic actors (Jason Williams is way better than Sam Jones in Mike Hodges Flash Gordon) to the impressive low-budget production value. The sets and designs looks good, but cheap, and has some very stylish moments. The sex-scenes never takes over the story, but it has plenty of genitalia, hairy buttocks and raunchy jokes to please everyone. Personally, of course, I like the positive way the gay forest people are shown. But Flesh Gordon is also a movie that never would treat anyone badly it seems.

The most impressive thing with the movie is the special effects, some of them among the best I've seen from the people involved. The fight between the Beetleman and Flesh Gordon is one of the finest moments from Dave Allen, up there with the skeletons in Jason and the Argonauts. The Penisaurus is also very impressive and the spectacular ending starring the Nesuahyrrah (read it backwards) reminded me of all the peplums that always had city destroyed by natural disasters.

Flesh Gordon is a great exploitation movie, made with a lot of love and talent. I really like Mike Hodges Flash Gordon, but I personally think that Flesh Gordon is closer to the original source - and it has much more action and adventures! A recommended purchase for everyone who's not so shy watching naked people doing... naked stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Never seen this film..but Rick Baker & co...seen their work over the years, very impressive.

I´ve only seen Barbarella (1968), Cinderella (1977 ), Cinderella 2000(1977)and of course Galaxina (1980.

Cinderella (the kingdom has a snapper! 1977)is a porn musical starring Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith ...rumors has it on IMDB that it was supposed to be hardcore but was edited out.

Take a look at it...pretty good actually.