Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mahakaal (1993)

My experience with Bollywood (I know there’s other places in India they make film in, but it’s a simple expression and everyone knows what you’re talking about) is more or less zero. I’ve tried before to immerse myself in enormous movie industry in India, but always given up because of the wealth of movies to start with. But finally, I made it easy for me. I bought Kaalo (and reviewed it), mostly because it was short and had a fun concept and since earlier I prepared myself with Mondo Macabro’s impressive Bollywood Horror Collection vol. 1-3.

Mahakaal is A Nightmare on Elm Street the Indian way, which actually makes it better than some of the movies it was inspired by. It might not be as good as Wes Craven’s original classic, but the unique touch it gives the story with colourful and cool song- and dance-numbers, some freaky special effects and hilarious fashion makes it really good. I won’t go into the story, because it’s the same as the first Elm Street-movie + some details and twists from the sequels here and there. Instead I want to focus on how fun this movie is. How extremely much passion has been poured into the production with crazy comedy, wild action and very cheesy horror scenes.

The budget is low, but that hasn’t stopped the Ramsay-family from just giving it all when it comes to money-shots! The effects are cheaper and maybe not so well-made as in the original Elm Street-movies, but the are always spectacular and gives us more knife-gloves than we ever could asked for, more fighting and more Indian chicks dancing! At first I was very sceptical to this fellow, Johnny Lever, the most popular Indian comedian EVER. His comedy is VERY broad, very non-subtle. His Michael Jackson-wannabe character is quite annoying, but when he shows up in other characters he’s more fun. In one scene he’s obviously parodying some other Indian actor, with a big beard and does some serious ass-kicking in a bar, which is one of the highlights of the whole show.

I’m not familiar with the other actors, but everyone seem to enjoy themselves a lot and throws themselves into the acting, action and show-numbers with a lot of enthusiasm. That spills over to us, the spectators, and I got a fantastic feeling of well-being after watching Mahakaal.

One thing that strikes me also is that the movie is over two hours and still never feels boring. Something fun and exciting is happening all the time. I think that's the best certificate a movie can get.

The Mondo Macabro DVD looks great with a clear and crisp fullscreen transfer. I doubt it ever looked so good before – and after, because I guess this is the only way to see it in the west if you’re not buying some Indian DVD or VCD. Now I can’t wait to watch the other movies in the Bollywood Horror Collection!

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Cal (YB) said...

looks very intresting, would be great to see a new view on a now used and tiered story